​Within the Queensland Government’s Open Data Initiative, the Queensland Police Service is releasing speed camera sites used for (portable devices, marked and covert) mobile speed cameras.  For more information on the ‘Open Data Initiative’ go to Queensland Government data

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There are presently over 3500 active mobile speed camera sites within Queensland. These mobile speed camera sites have been approved according to strict selection criteria.  The sites are available for portable devices, covert and/or marked mobile speed camera operations.  Traffic crash history is the primary criterion used to initially identify sites.  Other reasons for the establishment of a mobile speed camera site may include verified high risk speeding behaviour or roadwork sites where workers are at risk.

Sites are subject to approval by a Speed Management Committee which generally comprises of representatives of the Queensland Police Service, the Department of Transport and Main Roads, RACQ and Local Governments.  Sites may be parked from camera operations from time to time due to impacts upon those mobile speed camera sites including roadworks, revised speed limits or the road has been reengineered preventing the deployment of the mobile speed camera unit.  In some cases, there maybe a number of mobile speed camera sites along the same road within the same locality. The list of approved sites will be updated to accommodate changes to mobile speed camera sites.

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