​The Cultural Advisory Unit, Office of the Commissioner, is responsible for developing the Service's Cultural Appreciation Project. The Project is being developed in stages, and implemented on a State wide basis for all Queensland Police Service personnel.

The Cultural Appreciation Project was commenced in 2001. The objective of this project was to research, develop, trial and evaluate a program of cultural appreciation for officers and their families serving in three identified Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

The basis for implementation of such a project is the Review of Cultural Awareness Education and Training Programs in the Queensland Police Service by Dr Mervyn Fogarty and Dr Mervyn Wilkinson and in Strategic Directions for Policing with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and Communities.

The primary aim of this project is to develop Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural appreciation training for all QPS personnel, as well as an Introduction to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures for police recruits. This is to be accomplished through the guidance and support of Indigenous communities.

Statewide implementation will take place in stages and will include a detailed review and rewriting of the current Competency Acquisition Programme (CAP) units dealing with Race Relations, Law and Contemporary Social Issues which are over ten years old. Invaluable assistance has been provided by the Academy and considerable progress has been made in drafting the revised CAP units. Once completed the drafts will be presented to 'reactor' groups, include the established Indigenous Community Consultative Groups, Reference Groups and other stakeholders.

The success of the Project depends heavily on community consultation and support. During the Consultation Stage of the Project, the draft copies will be forwarded to the Reactor Groups, Indigenous Community / Police Consultative Groups and Reference Groups for consultation and review.

Regional, District and Divisional or Community profiles will also be developed. Each profile will contain information that relates directly to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues in specific areas. In addition, unit specific profiles will be developed to assist all sections and units of the QPS that have interaction with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

The profile format will be designed in consultation with representatives of the Indigenous community as well as Service personnel in the nominated areas. Once completed the profiles will be available to all police personnel performing duty in areas with Indigenous populations.