Cross-Cultural Liaison Officers improve Police relations with Indigenous/multicultural communities and further the aims of the Queensland Police Service.

To contact your Regional Cross Cultural Liaison Officers call your local regional headquarters or the Cultural Engagement Unit on 3364 6109 or email csu@police.qld.gov.au

Role of the Cross Cultural Liaison Officer

Cross-Cultural Liaison Officers are to improve relations between the Police and Indigenous/ethnic communities, assist police understanding issues affecting indigenous/ethnic communities and further the aims of the Queensland Police Service.

They are to identify and report potential problems and difficulties before they escalate. Engage with and encourage communities to contact police with issues and concerns.

Cultural groups and communities function across many geographic locations and the role of Cross Cultural Liaison Officers overlap or is entwined with other policing functions. Work performed by Cross Cultural Liaison Officers remains at the discretion and direction of their respective Assistant Commissioner or District Officer.

The principal responsibilities of the Cross Cultural Liaison Officers are in section 6.4.3 of the OPMs.


The main aim of the Cross Cultural Liaison Officer position is to increase involvement with Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and ethnic communities in addressing police related issues. This is achieved through:

  • coordinating and supporting the operations of Police Liaison Officers;
  • providing guidance to state police officers on Indigenous/ethnic issues;
  • identifying special projects relevant to indigenous/ethnic communities;
  • improving communication and understanding between police and the respective communities;
  • identifying issues affecting the Queensland Police Service (QPS) and respective communities;
  • developing appropriate ways of addressing these issues; and
  • contributing to QPS policy.