Who we are:
We promote and maintain relationships with multicultural and Indigenous communities, through open communication, mutual understanding, respect, tolerance and trust.  In line with the Police Service Administration Act 1990 S 2.46 and the Operational Procedures Manual S 1.77.

We sit under Community Programs and Engagement within the Community Contact Command. 


What we do:

We work closely with the diverse communities of Queensland.  We establish and maintain contact with communities and develop strategic partnerships providing an effective policing service.

 Key objectives:

    • ensure our policies and programs are culturally appropriate and equitable;
    • provide advice and support to the Commissioner and Senior Executive Officers on ethnic and Indigenous policing issues;
    • identify and provide advice on trends and emerging issues for police, ethnic and Indigenous communities; and
    • Provide ongoing support to operational police and other Service personnel.


    • develop and maintain effective relationships between Queensland Police Service, ethnic and Indigenous communities;
    • promote understanding within the Queensland Police Service of cultural diversity;
    • provide input into recruitment, education, training, policy development and procedures;
    • promote relevant crime prevention strategies in partnership with communities;
    • investigate new and emerging trends; and
    • develop targeted strategies, concepts and projects to better serve these communities.



We provide an advisory and consultancy service to QPS personnel in relation to:

    • conflicts, incidents and concerns in relation to multicultural and Indigenous communities;
    • service personnel from diverse backgrounds (in partnership with the Indigenous Career and Development Officer, Human Resource Management Branch)
    • provide operational support to all Queensland Police Service officers in investigations or inquiries involving persons who are culturally and linguistically diverse with an emphasis on intelligence, cultural awareness and linguistic support
    • selection panels for culturally sensitive positions or multicultural and indigenous target groups; and
    • cultural awareness training programs.

Staff also develop, monitor and overview internal Queensland Police Service programs including:

    • Cross Cultural Liaison Officer scheme; and
    • Police Liaison Officer scheme.


We provide on-going advice, assistance and co-ordination for other projects; facilitate and overview the implementation of reviews, reports, policy documents and associated ethnic and Indigenous issues:

    • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Strategic Directions;
    • Multicultural Strategic Directions; and
    • Language Services Strategy.

      Police/Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander forums;
    • Queensland Police Academy Open Days;
    • Social and cultural functions;
    • Police Ethnic Advisory Group; and
    • Youth Implementation Support Team

      Indigenous Career Development Officer;
    • Student Support Officer;
    • Police Liaison Officers; and
    • Cross-Cultural Liaison Officers.

We develop and maintain links with multicultural and Indigenous bodies at state and national levels, government departments, non-government organisations and other police jurisdictions in Australia.

We initiate, facilitate or contribute to community consultation, education and awareness programs.

We represent the Queensland Police Service at state and national forums, and interdepartmental committees relating to multicultural and Indigenous issues.

We visit multicultural and Indigenous communities and provide advice on relevant issues and policing practices to regional Assistant Commissioners and the Commissioner.

Our role is policy and program development and providing cultural advice.  Any queries relating to operational matters should be referred to your local station or regional police Cross Cultural Liaison Officers throughout the State


To contact the Cultural Support Unit, please call 3364 6109 or email csu@police.qld.gov.au

Cultural Support Unit
2nd Floor, Police Headquarters
(PO Box 1440)
Brisbane  QLD  4001