​​The Multicultural Awareness Online Learning Product (MOLP) is an interactive web-based course for Queensland Police Service (QPS) members which has been designed to increase their knowledge of other cultures so they can interact more effectively with the public and colleagues.  This course was developed and funded within the QPS Human Resources Development Branch.

The MOLP aims to increase police awareness of cross-cultural issues and develop understanding of cultural diversity.  It also aims to help police communication with people from diverse cultural backgrounds thus creating more effective policing responses.

The MOLP has been designed in an easy to use format with real-life scenarios used to provide examples.  The package incorporates interactive activities, audio-visual segments and end of module quizzes to check for understanding.
This package is designed to give a general awareness to all members of the Queensland Police Service. Additional information relating specifically to operational policing is also included in each module.
The eight modules in this OLP are:

  1. Multicultural Queensland – presents a snapshot of the cultural diversity of Queensland and the commitment to multiculturalism from the State Government and QPS.
  2. Understanding Culture – defines culture including the significance of religion; and personal cultural beliefs, attitudes and values.
  3. Cultural Competence – defines cultural competence and the skills needed for becoming culturally competent.
  4. Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions – gives a broad explanation of cultural differences based upon a model of cultural dimensions.
  5. Migrants, Refugees and Integration Issues – provides an overview of migrants and refugees and discusses a number of issues that may arise during integration, including policing issues.
  6. Exploring the Communication Issues – supplies information and strategies for communicating effectively with people from culturally-specific communities.
  7. Working with Interpreters – Police Officers Only – discusses QPS policy and procedures about the use of a professional interpreter. It includes guidelines and considerations to assist you to conduct an effective interview through an interpreter.
  8. Multicultural Support and Resources – this is an overview of culturally-specific support and resources available internally to QPS members and other external organisations.

In addition, the MOLP provides quick links to key areas for research and information including:

  • QPS Multicultural Action Plan;
  • Is it easy to distinguish a person’s ethnic background based on looks;
  • Quick reference guides on Religions;
  • Differences between Migrants and Refugees;
  • Crime Issues;
  • Communication Strategies; and
  • Effective interviewing with an interpreter.

Note: The M OLP is to be used as a resource only to gain a basic awareness and understanding of Australia's multicultural society and should not be viewed as a definitive response to every situation.  Learners are encouraged to seek further information from other reliable sources and use the links provided throughout the modules.
To develop the MOLP, the QPS Academy’s Education and Training Support Program worked collaboratively with educational designers, police officers, a multimedia team and content experts to compile information, activities and resources.

Consultations were also conducted with experts in the area to develop course content.  This included Multicultural Affairs Queensland, the QPS Police Ethnic Advisory Group, community groups, the QPS Cultural Advisory Unit, Education and Training Support Program staff, Human Resource Development Branch, QPS Cross Cultural Liaison Officers and operational police officers and Police Liaison Officers from the QPS.

The MOLP was launched in February 2009.  Sine introduction, a number of local area commands have made the MOLP compulsory training for their sworn officers.

The MOLP provides officers with an electronic feedback mechanism.  This feedback will be used to develop the package.  In addition, an evaluation will take place to gauge the effectiveness of the MOLP.

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