Multicultural Quick Reference Guides (QRGs) are summaries about communities, developed by the Cultural Engagement Unit (CEU) specifically for operational police.  The Multicultural QRGs aim is to provide police with tools to assist all in our community with equal police services.

The QRGs contain generic country and community profiles, police multicultural resources, police support and initiatives, details of interpreting services, common phrases, a guide to religions, diplomatic and consular support and community organisation contact details.   

QRGs are broken into sections listed below for use by operational police:

Full Name of country; Capital; Population; Languages; Religions; Current issues (including a brief history as appropriate); Community Profile in Australia; Community Profile in Queensland; Policing Environment; Police intercepts; Greetings and customs; Death and related issues; How should police approach a place of worship (protocols); QPS Resources; Police Liaison Officers (PLOs); Other persons or units; QPS Operational Procedure Manual – relevant sections; Interpreting and translating services; Phrase guide; Religious guide; Recent QPS initiatives or  events; Community Contacts; Diplomatic and  consular; Organisations in Queensland; External Reference and sourced material.

The QRGs are available to our police on the QPS intranet. 

Multicultural Quick Reference Guides (QRGs)

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