To act as an advisory body to the Queensland Police Service on issues relating to cultural diversity and to contribute to the promotion and maintenance of harmonious relations between police and ethnic communities, based on mutual understanding, respect, acceptance and trust.


  • To identify, analyse and act on issues of mutual concern to the Queensland Police Service and ethnic communities through consultation.
  • To actively promote an awareness of the role of the Queensland Police Service and to encourage active participation in police programs and services, where appropriate.
  • To promote understanding of cultural diversity within the Queensland Police Service through recruitment, education, training, policies and practices.
  • To assist the Queensland Police Service in planning for services relating to cultural diversity and to monitor the effectiveness of these services.
  • To advise the Commissioner of Police on matters of concern, including national issues, and recommend appropriate action.
  • To promote the role and objectives of the Police Ethnic Advisory Group.


  • PEAG does not have the power to investigate specific complaints. Should complaints be received they will be referred to the appropriate authority.


  • Membership of PEAG shall consist of police, other service providers and community.
  • All community members and community groups are encouraged to attend PEAG meetings.
  • Community representation should comprise at least 50% of the total membership.
  • PEAG may co-opt additional individuals on a needs basis for specific tasks.
  • An Executive committee will be formed to provide guidance as required.
  • Executive membership will consist of:
    • a Chairperson (community member),
    • a Deputy Chairperson (community member) and
    • a person designated to represent the QPS.

Executive membership

  • Executive membership tenure shall be for a period of three years from the date of appointment.
  • Executive members may be considered for reappointment after the expiry date of the tenure.

Termination of Executive Membership

  • Executive membership shall be terminated if a member fails to attend three consecutive meetings without valid reason.
  • Termination of executive membership shall be advised in writing.

Duties of Executive Members

PEAG Executive members have a duty to:

  • Transcend ethno-cultural boundaries and have a sound knowledge and understanding of government policies and community issues.
  • Treat any matter discussed in strict confidence unless otherwise directed by the Chairperson.
  • Agree to and abide by PEAG objectives.
  • Attend meetings on a bi-monthly basis or as determined by the group.
  • Make a contribution to working parties which may be formed for specific purposes.
  • Relinquish their nomination if unable to continue to meet the above commitments for any reason.
  • To review and update if necessary the objectives


  • PEAG shall be chaired by an elected member.
  • Elections for the position of Chairperson shall be conducted every three years or as necessary.
  • The Chairperson may be re-elected for further terms by PEAG.


  • Meetings shall be held bimonthly (six times per year) unless otherwise decided by the group.
  • Meetings shall be held at either Police Headquarters, 200 Roma Street, Brisbane; or a venue determined by the group.
  • Executive members must advise prior to the meeting of their inability to attend.
  • Members should advise the Secretary prior to the meeting of items they wish to place on the agenda.


  • Sub-committees may be formed as required by PEAG.
  • Sub-committee members may be co-opted from non-PEAG members.
  • Sub-committees shall report to PEAG.


  • PEAG shall reach decisions on a consensus basis whenever possible.
  • Should voting be necessary on issues where consensus can not be reached, voting procedures shall be determined by the Executive members.
  • Seven members shall constitute a quorum.
  • The Chairperson has a casting vote.

 Minutes Secretary

  • The Minutes Secretary shall be provided by the Queensland Police Service.
  • The Minutes Secretary shall prepare and circulate to members the minutes of meetings at least one week prior to the scheduled meeting.
  • The Minutes Secretary shall prepare a report of activities as required.

Police Ethnic Advisory Group
Queensland Police Service
GPO Box 1440
Brisbane Qld 4001
Telephone: 07 3364 6109
Contact CSU@police.qld.gov.au

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