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As per Government Election Commitment No.403, Community Policing Boards (CPB's) were implemented to identify strategies to reduce the burden of society's problems on police. The overarching purpose of CPB's is to give local communities a say on crime issues and to provide an opportunity for local organisations / people that fall outside of existing forums to have a say on problems that burden the police. 

The Queensland Police Service has ensured that a minimum of one CPB has been established in each of the 15 police districts across the five police regions within the Regional Operations portfolio.

The primary objectives of CPB's are to: 

  • Promote community safety and security;​
  • Find strategies to address societal issues associated with crime and community safety;
  • Identify opportunities to, and where possible, integrate services at a local level;
  • Develop partnerships to support government, industry and community working together; and
  • Promote evidence-based solutions (utilising statistical data and empirical research).

To achieve these objectives, or any other strategy, the Chair may determine to conduct a CPB to address the specific issues that are occurring within the district by inviting representatives from relevant stakeholder's agencies; community interest areas; or identified individuals that can participate to the issues pertaining to the identified objective / strategy. CPB's will be free to construct its agenda in the most appropriate way deemed necessary in order to address issues it has agreed to focus on as matters of priority.​

To find out what's happening with your local Community Policing Board follow the myPolice Blog and search for your district.​