​To assist in the prevention of credit card fraud, it is strongly recommended that you reconcile you bank account/credit card statements on a regular basis to ensure no unauthorised transactions have been debited against your account.

Upon locating any such transaction, immediately contact your financial institution so they can commence inquiries as to the legitimacy of the transaction. Upon confirmation that no authorisation has been given by you or an authorised person, question the representative from the financial institution as to whether you will be reimbursed for the amount that is unauthorised.

If the financial institution is prepared to reimburse the amount to you then the criminal offence has been committed upon them and not you. Most major financial institutions in Australia do not require you to then report the matter to police. The responsibility for reporting the matter then rests with that financial institution.

Notwithstanding however, the financial institution may request you to contact the local police station to report the matter for further investigation if you have lost your credit card or had it stolen.