​Computer hacking is a criminal offence in Queensland. The offence is committed when an offender uses a restricted computer without the consent of the computers controller.

For the offence to be committed, some form of restriction must be present on the computer to prevent any person other than the computer’s controller from accessing the data on it. This restriction could take the form of a firewall or user name and password access. If no restriction is present, then no criminal offence of computer hacking has taken place in Queensland.

A firewall is an important security mechanism that should be installed on your computer to prevent unauthorised access to it. Some computer packages come with the firewall software already installed within the computer however this is not always the case. Firewall software can be purchased at most major computer/software retailers.

A computer that is connected to the Internet without a firewall is analogous to leaving your home without closing your back door. Any person could walk inside your home, look through all your property, steal or destroy your property or even destroy your home. The person could unlock a side window that would enable them to come and go at their leisure any time in the future.

Once access has been gained to your computer, an offender can monitor everything that you do on your computer and also control everything that enters or leaves your computer. The offender has full access to your Internet account and can use it to download data, or send emails from your computer that appears to have been sent by you. Without a firewall in place, there generally will be no evidence available for law enforcement agencies to identify the offender.