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Under Workplace Health and Safety legislation, everyone has the right to work in a safe environment, where the risk to their health and safety is minimised. Employers have an obligation to their staff to provide them with a safe working environment. It is not always possible to be completely protected from all harm, however reasonable steps can be taken to reduce the risks.

Visit safety in the workplace for more information.

Victims of crime support

If you are a victim of crime, your work place should have proceedures to follow. Either police will attend the scene or you may wish to speak with police at a station, the police who attend to you will support and assist as best they can.  They may need to refer you on to specialist support services. The police should provide you with their details and an occurrence number for your reference. 

A list of the Queensland agencies that may be able to provide assistance can be found at the Queensland Police Service’s Support Services Index or the State Government’s Victim Assist Queensland​.