Dial Triple Zero (000)

Information and Advice

DV Web Link is an internet based resource that provides victims and families of those experiencing domestic violence with access to up to date information and direction to local community support agencies.  This project is the result of extensive collaboration between the Queensland Police Service, Logan City Integrated Community Response Group and Beaudesert Coordinated Community Response Group.

DV Web Link is located at www.qlddomesticviolencelink.org.au.

Planning for your safety

Your safety and the safety of children is most important. You could make a plan for those times when you feel unsafe or at risk of being hurt.  Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services has provided advice for developing a safety plan and provides examples of what you can do to prepare for a time when you are in danger and need to leave quickly. 

Access this site: http://www.communities.qld.gov.au/communityservices/violence-prevention/about-domestic-and-family-violence-prevention/safety-plan