If you are a victim of CYBERCRIME – please report this through the ACORN website (www.acorn.gov.au). 

If you are a victim of fraud please read and complete the following form; it will be required for assessment and any subsequent investigation (if appropriate) of your complaint.

Qld Police Fraud Report Form​

Step One - Complete the Qld Police Fraud Report Form and print it out.

Step Two - You will need to take this completed form and documentation as requested therein to your Local Police Station- Station Locator - Browse. (Note: If you have consulted a legal practitioner regarding this matter, their assistance may be valuable in preparing the information requested.)

Step Three - If your report is assessed and determined that it will be investigated by the QPS, the information will be placed on the QPS case management system called Qprime.  You will be provided a report number starting with QP………. which you will need to quote in any future correspondence.

Please be aware that the criminal law is not about recovering money for the victim.  That is the aim of the civil law.

In many instances where people lose money it is not criminal, but civil, particularly in matters involving breaches of contract, or non-payment of debts. Police cannot investigate civil matters.  Please be aware that police are unable to recover money.

Police investigate criminal matters in order to place evidence before a court. Civil action is the most appropriate method of recovering money.  If you want to take civil action, speak to the Clerk of the Local Court, which can be located at the following link: Courthouses contacts - Queensland Courts, or a solicitor.

If your fraud matter is assessed and a decision is made that the QPS will investigate the complaint, the Financial and Cyber Crime Group may not necessarily be the appointed investigators in your matter. It is most likely that the matter will be referred to detectives located in the area where the offence of fraud has occurred.

You will be provided a report number starting with QP………. which you will need to quote in any future correspondence so keep this in a safe place.


For further information and assistance contact:

Queensland Police Service
200 Roma Street
Brisbane, Qld 4000

Phone: 07 3364 6622
Fax: 07 3364 6549