Security sensor lights

A house which allows neighbours and people passing by a clear and uninterrupted view makes it less likely to be broken into.  A large front, side or rear fence is ideal for privacy, but provides perfect cover for intruders.

Make sure your home is not shielded by trees, so that intruders or people acting suspiciously can be observed. Trim trees and shrubs close to your home regularly to prevent people from gaining access to your property by climbing them.  

Always lock tools, ladders and garden equipment away so they can’t be used to gain entry to your home.

Keep all of your gates locked and keep them in good repair.

For safety and security reasons the main entry/exit areas to your home should be well lit.  Consider installing sensor lights.  Sensor lights can incorporate a sensor and light together or you may have one sensor operating a number of lights around your home.  Lighting can act as a deterrent to intruders as it increases the risk and likelihood of being observed.

Electricity meter box

Your electricity meter box should be secured with a padlock purchased via your local electricity provider. This means electricity meter readers can continue to read your meter, but opportunistic intruders cannot turn off your power (disabling sensor lights).