Double cylinder deadlock

External Doors

​The external doors of your home should be of solid-core construction and fitted with key-operated double-cylinder deadlocks.  This is important where glass panels are immediately adjacent to the door as this prevents entry if the intruder breaks the pane of glass to gain access.

All door locks should be ‘keyed-alike’ for ease of use and safety.

Install a door viewer that allows you to see the person before you open the door.  

For garage doors - when going away for extended periods of time disconnect the electricity to the electronic garage doors and use a strong auxiliary key lock to secure the door. 

Security Doors

If you need to leave a door open for ventilation, consider installing a security screen door which is designed and installed to meet or exceed the relevant Australian Standards.  Typically these doors will be fitted with triple locking, triple hinges (either ‘step-over’ or ‘pinned’), and fitted with a ‘5 pin’ double cylinder lock.

All security screen door locks should be ‘keyed-alike’ for ease of use and safety.