The Queensland Police Service (QPS) wants children to be safe.  We aim to provide you with a greater awareness of personal safety issues facing children and offer information and strategies to help keep children safe and reduce the risk of them becoming a victim of crime.

The information provided here focuses on addressing a wide range of personal safety issues including online safety, bullying and all forms of child abuse, whether perpetrated by a known or unknown victim.

It includes:

Who’s chatting with your kids?  – practical information about internet safety, in​cluding the technology being used by children and how you can reduce the risk of your child becoming a victim.​​

Surf safely   – online safety tips

Virtual Global Taskforce   - advice, information and support to both adults and children to protect themselves against child sex abusers.

Protective Behaviours for children  – a program developed by the QPS that helps children identify situations that are unsafe or potentially unsafe, and to develop practical strategies to counter these situations in order to preserve their physical and emotional safety.

Adopt-a-Cop  – a program where police officers visit primary schools to educate children about a variety of issues including the role of police, personal safety and road safety. ​

PACT - offers a range of programs aimed at supporting children and their families. PACT enhances child protection by reducing the trauma experienced by children and young people required to give evidence within the Criminal Justice System.