​​The internet has brought the world to our children’s fingertips, providing access to vast resources of information and the opportunity to communicate with people from around the world.

Smart devices and social media have become part of our children’s lives and they have strongly influenced how our children create, share and exchange information with others.

Unfortunately these same devices and applications have been embraced by sex offenders, who have proven to be exceptionally skilled at using them to gain access to children.

As parents and caregivers it is imperative you have basic understanding of these technologies to enable you to guide, assist and supervise your children.

Children might not safeguard their personal details on the internet like they would in the real world. Therefore it is just as important to educate our children about ‘chatting’ to people online as it is meeting new people in the real world.

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Internet Agreement​​

This e-brochure provides you with practical information about internet safety and reducing online risks for children.