Young people are entitled to feel safe when in a public place or at home, at parties and even when using the internet.

The Queensland Police Service aims to provide a greater awareness of personal safety issues facing young people and offer information, strategies and programs to help keep them safe.

These include:

ThinkUKnow Program​ - this program provides evidenced based internet safety information for both youth and adults. Youth presentations educate students from Years 5-12 about safe and responsible use of technology. The program is in line with national curriculum standards. Youth presentations are only delivered by sworn QPS members in Queensland. Adult presentations are designed for parents, carers and teachers and are available for schools, community groups, and organisations across Australia.

School Based Policing Program- The main role of the program is to establish positive relationships between police and th​e secondary school community to contribute to a safe and supportive learning environment.

Party Safe Program - This program allows you to register a party and provides police with the details they need to know if they are called to your party to deal with an incident.

One Punch Can Kill – The One Punch Can Kill Campaign is aimed at preventing senseless violence among young people and stopping them from making split-second decisions that could ruin their lives or the lives of others.

​Surf Safely – online safety tips.

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