One Punch Can Kill Logo

The One Punch Can Kill campaign is aimed at preventing senseless violence among young people, and about stopping them from making split-second decisions that could ruin their lives or the lives of others.

It targets ‘Generation Y’ using modern media and technology, and informs today’s youth that acts of violence can have very serious and damaging consequences.

Research shows young men between the age of 15 and 25 are the most likely to be assault victims or offenders. Increasingly, females in this age group are also being represented in research as assault victims or offenders.

One Punch Can Kill is the result of recommendations from the Government’s Youth Violence Task Force, which called for a targeted media strategy to send home the message of anti-violence. 

The slogan ‘One Punch Can Kill’ is a reminder of the shocking reality that simple acts of violence can have tragic consequences.  The consequences of assault don’t stop at injury or death.

  • Assault can steal your future and your actions could result in negative impacts on your family; your employment; overseas travel, the guilt of taking another person’s life and could possibly result in a criminal record.
  • Victims of assault don’t always walk away with just a bruise. Permanent disability, ongoing care by family and friends, employment and future prospects taken and the inability to travel overseas can all result.

The third phase of the campaign was launched in April 2010 and included a new-look website; an online advertising competition where young Queenslanders could have their say on campaign advertising; new merchandise and state-wide cinema, bus back and radio advertising.

The opportunity still exists for all Queenslanders to have their say on youth violence via the official website. Submit your ideas, images, film or music clips at help make a difference.

The Queensland Homicide Victims’ Support Group and the Matthew Stanley Foundation are among many key supporters who encourage the community to get behind the campaign to stop the violence that is ruining young lives.

All young people deserve to have a good start in life. Acts of violence can damage both victims’ and offenders’ chances of a positive future. One Punch Can Kill focuses on changing the attitudes of those people who are involved in violence in the hope that it will become a universal view that violence is not ok.

The “One Punch Can Kill” message goes hand in hand with the Party Safe Program.

All Queenslanders are encouraged to get behind the message, and to register parties with police.