Car lock

In Queensland, the majority of stolen vehicles are used for joy riding, transport or for use in another crime. The remainder are stolen by professional car thieves for monetary gain, and are either given a new identity and resold, or stripped down and sold as separate parts.

The following tips will help reduce the risk of vehicle theft:

If you have off street parking, use it. If possible, park behind locked gates or in a locked garage. Parking on the street greatly increases the risk of theft.

  • Remove temptation - always lock doors and close windows when your vehicle is unattended.
  • If you must leave valuables in your motor vehicle keep them out of sight. 
  • For maximum protection, an engine immobiliser that meets Australian Standard 4601:1999 provides the most effective deterrent to opportunistic vehicle theft.  However, it offers no protection if a thief has easy access to your car keys.

Read the Securing your vehicle​ fact sheet for more tips.