The Safety Audit Program is for people who want to feel safer in their public space and who are prepared to do something towards achieving it.

Safety audits aim to reduce opportunities for crime, particularly violent crime, in public places. They help to make public places like parks, bus stops and streets safe for everyone.

Safety audits are conducted by members of the community about any crime related safety concerns they have about an area in their neighbourhood.  Once completed, an audit will make recommendations to the appropriate authorities and owners of the space for removing or reducing identified opportunities for crime.

The following resources will help you conduct an audit:

CPTED Guidelines for Queensland – Part B Implementation Guide​. Chapter 4,  includes a checklist to use when conducting your safety audit. 

The Practical Worksheet will help you apply CPTED concepts to a site and identify ways to adjust the physical environment for community safety and crime prevention purposes.

The CPTED Guidelines for Queensland – Part A Essential features of safer places provides information about CPTED principles.

Safety Audit feedback

Once you have conducted a safety audit, please complete the Feedback Form to help us evaluate the Safety Audit Program.

Please forward your evaluation/feedback forms to:

Safety Audit Program Coordinator

Crime Prevention Unit

G.P.O. Box 1440

Brisbane Qld 4001

Facsimile Number (07) 3364 6353

For more information please call the Crime Prevention Unit on (07) 3364 6347.