​​Policing in schools consists of both a School Based Policing and the Adopt a Cop program.  Both of these programs aim to build a better relationship between police and children in schools

School Based Policing Program

The School Based Policing Program is a joint initiative between the Queensland Police Service and Education Queensland. Based at high schools, the school based police officers role is to provide a police presence in the school and maintain positive realtionships with students and their families. They work proactively as a member of the school community to discourage crime within the school and the local community.


The Adopt-a-Cop program operates on a voluntary basis with police officers visiting primary schools to educate school children about the law and police duties. It was introduced to help foster a positive relationship between police and students. Topics discussed include personal safety, bullying and road safety.


The Adopt a School program seeks to enhance the service delivery to Queensland school communities by:

  1. Implementing a framework to build positive relationships between local police and school communities and to facilitate the identification and resolution of police related issues; and
  2. Coordinating the local implementation of the Adopt-a-Cop program, including the appointment of an Adopt-a-Cop to every school wishing to participate* and the ongoing supervision and support of Adopt-a-Cops. (*pending operational capacity).​