​Working holidays

If you are on a working holiday in Queensland please make sure you are aware of your visa requirements.  If your visa expires while you are still in Australia, the law states you are an 'unlawful non-citizen'.  This means you have no entitlement to remain in Australia and may be detained and removed from Australia as soon as practical.

For more information:
Working Holiday: Department of Immigration and Citizenship
Expired Visas: Department of Immigration and Citizenship

Airport Security and Customs

It's important to know that if you are travelling via air domestically or internationally, airport security and customs are taken very seriously in Australia.  The tips below will help ensure you have a safe and pleasant journey.

  • Do not leave bags unattended at airports. 
  • Keep you bag/s in sight at all times.
  • Lock and secure your baggage effectively.
  • The smuggling of native plands and animals out of Australia is a serious offence in all states of Australia and offenders can receive large fines, deportation and/or possible imprisonment for their actions. 
  • Never carry someone else's bag or packages, regardless of what they offer or what they say - you may become the unwitting carrier of illegal items.

For more information:
Tips for Travellers: Australian Customs and Border Protection Service
Departing or Arriving: Australian Customs and Border Protection Service