If you are travelling in Queensland for an extended period, maintain regular contact with your family or friends at home so they know you are safe - this will allay any concerns they may have for your safety and could prevent an unnecessary search.  Whether you are here on long or short term stay, always carry with you a list of contactable relatives and their contact details.

Beach and water safetyBeaches

Queensland has many beautiful beaches and waterways. It is important for all visitors to make themselves aware of water safety issues including swimming between red and yellow flags, rips and currents, maritime safety, and the dangers of marine life.

For more information:

Beach Safety Information: Surf Life Saving Queensland

Beach Safety in Queensland: Queensland Beaches

Dangerous Marine Life: Surf Life Saving Queensland

Maritime Safety: Department of Transport and Mainroads QLD

Recreational Fishing: Department of Primary Industries


Queensland has many scenic national parks and protective areas with panoramic views for visitors to enjoy.  The following tips will help ensure your safety:

  • Plan your hike.  Don't go walking in remote areas alone.
  • Find out how long it should take to get there and to return.
  • Tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return.
  • Take enough water, suitable clothing and basic emergency and overnight items. 
  • Always check the weather forecast and stay on marked trails.
  • If travelling or camping in remote areas, consider having safety communications equipment such as a Satellite Navigation system.