​​The Queensland Police Service (QPS) wants visitors and international students to enjoy their stay in Queensland. 

The following information may be of assistance to travellers and international students.

Identifying Queensland Police Officers

The Queensland Police uniform is blue with a badge on each shoulder (see photo).

Police Detectives don't wear a uniform and dress in regular clothes, so please ask to look at their official police identification and/or you may contact the local police station to confirm their identity


Police Officers 


Police Liaison Officers
  • Police Liaison Officers are employees of the Queensland Police Service, however they are not police officers. Their main role is to establish and maintain a positive rapport between cultural communities and the QPS.  Police Liaison Officers wear the same blue uniform as police officers with yellow shoulder epaulettes.  The name badge on their shirts will state they are a Police Liaison Officer.  On Torres Strait communities Police Liaison Officers wear blue/green shoulder epaulettes.

Police Liaison Officer







Assisting the Queensland Police Service

  • Visit a police station if you are feeling unsafe, to report a crime, or to receive help if you are a vicitm of crime.  Station hours of operation may vary throughout the state.
  • If you are in a public place and are approached by police, you may be required to supply your name and address, so it is advisable to carry photo identification (such as a passport) with you.
  • In the interest of public safety, maintaining law and order, police may direct you to leave a location.  If police give you a direction to "move on", you may be committing an offence if you do not.

Contacting Police

For urgent matters, contact police via:

  • Emergency - triple zero (000)

For non urgent matters, contact police via: