​The Objectives of Community Supporting Police Inc. as established are :-

  1. To foster friendship between community and police, their families, and friends.

  2. To have discussions, hold meetings, conduct working groups and arrange entertainment in furtherance of objective (1).

  3. To raise money in support of -

    1. Voluntary assistance programmes designed to enhance and build relations between police and community, as approved by this organisation.

    2. Any project approved of by the membership and sponsored by the Commissioner of Police.

  4. To provide comfort to families of police suffering from illness or distress in crisis situations.

  5. To do other things at the discretion of the management commitee which are in conformity with the foregoing objectives and, where practicable, assist Police Welfare, Police Chaplains and other Police Service support organisations in their functions on behalf of Queensland Police Service members and their families in times of illness, bereavement or grief.

  6. All assets or funds of the organisation will be used solely to further the objectives of the organisation, and no portion of those funds will be paid or distributed to members except as compensation for out of pocket expenses.