Brush with the Law - Art and Craft Fair

Brush with the Law was initially organised by members of Helping Hand, the Women's Advisory Group and Community Supporting Police Inc. to assist in fundraising for QPS member Melissa Pierce.  Brush with the Law has developed into a yearly art and craft fair.  Art and craft works completed by members of the QPS and the community are shown and offered for sale over the duration of the fair.  

A small commission from the sale of each painting or craft item is donated to CSP Inc.  All monies raised are used to assist in the ongoing support of QPS members and their families in times of crisis. 

During 2008, CSP Inc. hosted a large on-line art auction with all proceeds going to CSP Inc. to support the Committee in providing additional accommodation and associated items to support members of the QPS family.  Many wonderful works of art were provided by members of the QPS, their families and members of the public.  A gala night was held at the Kedron Wavell Services Club with many works of arts being auctioned during a lively public auction.

Mrs Lorraine Walker is pictured.  Mrs. Walker is the wife of former QPS Chaplain Barry Walker and a long term participant in Brush with the Law. 

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