​The QPS together with CSP Inc. provide ten (10) emergency houses/units throughout Qld. for members of the QPS family.  The accommodation is available in times of emergency, including medical, bereavement, recuperation and other family crisis.  These properties remain the property of the QPS.  Regional HSO Personnel and the Police Chaplaincy Service are responsible for allocating members into this accommodation.  Alternative accommodation can be arranged through the Police Chaplaincy Service if the emergency accommodation is full.

CSP Inc. supplies all furnishing including baby furniture, fittings, linen, whitegoods, kitchen equipment and safety equipment.  Regular cleaning is undertaken by CSP members.  CSP ensures all electricity, telephone and gas accounts are paid.  As CSP Inc. is a voluntary organisation, donations from members of the police family and the community are welcome and appreciated. 

CSP Inc., working in conjunction with the Police Chaplaincy, ensures all accommodation is maintained to a high level.  Members using this accommodation are encouraged to report all faults and maintenance issues through the Police Chaplaincy Service. 

It is evident the use of emergency accommodation requires constant fundraising and support by members of the QPS family and the community.  CSP Inc. conducts a number of fund raising initiatives to support the emergency accommodation, however the money raised through payroll deductions continues to be a major source of income.

Please continue to support these CSP Inc. and Helping Hand activities through payroll deductions.