​​The Community Supporting Police Inc. (CSP) Helping Hand Fund is a tax deductible fund which aims to render aid, assistance and benefits to members of the Queensland Police Service (QPS) and their immediate families who are faced with serious, terminal, life threatening injuries or significant personal trauma. To do this the Helping Hand Fund has established a network of volunteers at station, district/branch and regional/command levels who can identify and coordinate assistance for colleagues and their families.  The Fund is ably supported by a civilian member of CSP Inc. who acts as Treasurer for the Fund. 

Your financial support of the Helping Hand Fund is vital. For as little as $1 each pay you can make a significant contribution to members of the QPS family when they need it most.

To obtain further information on Helping Hand, please go to the Helping Hand page on the QPS Bulletin Board.  A payroll deduction form is available for completion.