Crime Victims' Survey 2016

What is the purpose of the Crime Victims' Survey?

  • Assess satisfaction with the service provided by police to victims of domestic and family violence and victims of personal and property offences.
  • Identify opportunities to improve policing services for victims of crime.

How are the results used?
Information from the Crime Victims Survey is used to reinforce the commitment of the Queensland Police Service (QPS) to its Client Service Charter, including standards relating to providing an appropriate response and treating clients with concern and respect.

Results from the Survey may also be used to identify training needs and lead to the development of policies and procedures that will improve the performance of QPS personnel.

How can people find out the results of the survey?
Results of the survey will be available on the QPS website ( when finalised.
Why have I been selected for the survey?
Individuals 18 years or older in Queensland who reported a domestic and family violence offence, property offence or a personal offence have been randomly selected to participate in the Survey.  Inclusion dates for the 2016 survey are as follows:

  • Domestic, family violence and personal offences between 1 August 2015 and 31 July 2016
  • Property offences between 1 February 2016 and 31 July 2016

Who is conducting the survey?
The Queensland Government Statistician's Office (QGSO) is conducting the survey on behalf of the QPS.

Can people opt out of the survey?
Yes – participation in the survey is voluntary.  The QGSO will send pre-approach letters to selected persons of personal and property offences to alert them that they may be asked to participate in the upcoming survey. These letters will explain the nature and purpose of the survey.  The letters advise people to call the QGSO on 1800 068 587 if they do not wish to participate in the survey.  Alternatively, people can also advise the interviewer at the commencement of a telephone interview that they do not wish to participate in the survey.

How can QPS reduce the chance of re-victimisation of domestic and family violence victims participating in the survey?
The Queensland Police Service will be responsible for identifying specific domestic violence cases, within the cleaned sample, not to be contacted to avoid re-victimisation. The process for this will involve QGSO returning the lists of selected domestic violence cases to QPS. They will disseminate them to district domestic violence coordinators who will flag those records considered to be at high risk. QGSO will then exclude these records from the sample.

How long has the survey been running?
The survey has previously been conducted every two years from 1996, and annually in 2010 and 2011. The survey was suspended in 2012 and 2013 and recommenced in 2014.

Will the survey include details of the offence?
No.  The questions in the survey will focus on your satisfaction with aspects of the services provided by police.

What if I have reported multiple offences during the time period of the survey?
The survey should be completed about the most recent offence.  Where the most recent complaint involves more than one type of offence, the victim will be interviewed about the most serious offence with offences listed in order of decreasing seriousness as follows:

Domestic violence offences in order of severity include:

  • breach of domestic violence order
  • application for domestic violence order
  • referral for domestic violence order.

Personal offences:

  • sexual offences
  • robbery
  • assault
  • other personal offences

Property offences:

  • unlawful entry
  • vehicle theft
  • wilful damage
  • stealing

How will privacy and confidentiality be addressed?

The responses will remain confidential and are protected by the Queensland Government's Statistical Returns Act (1896). This Act prohibits the disclosure of identifiable information relating to an individual without their consent, which means that legal penalties apply for anyone who releases your responses in a way which would identify you.

The survey is conducted in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2009. 

The Information Privacy Act 2009 creates a right for individuals to access and amend their own personal information and provides rules for how agencies may and must handle personal information.

A range of security measures are in place by the QPS and QGSO to ensure no unauthorised access to data or materials.

All Crime Victims' Survey materials will be handled in accordance with the Queensland Government's Information Standard – Information Security 18 (ISI18).  This material is classified as IN-CONFIDENCE.

All survey materials will be destroyed in accordance with Information Standard (IS) 40: Recordkeeping.

Electronic media that contained PSBA/QPS information will be sanitised before disposal.

No survey materials will be stored off site from QGSO.

Other physical security measures are in place for storage i.e. locked cabinets and positioning computer screens to minimise the possibility of unauthorised viewing. QGSO store electronic data on a secure drive, with access limited to project staff only.

All responses will be de-identified (all reference to individuals removed) before being used in statistical analysis.

What kinds of checks are performed on the people conducting the survey?

The QGSO ensures that all staff including contractors are vetted in accordance with QGSO and Queensland Government requirements.

All staff and contractors are also required to sign a Deed of Confidentiality.

I was under 18 at the time of the offence, should I participate in the survey?

No.  Please call the QGSO on 1800 068 587 to advise that you were under 18 at the time of the offence.

Can members of the QPS participate in the survey?
No.  Please call the QGSO on 1800 068 587 to advise that you work for the QPS.

I live overseas, should I complete the survey?
No. Please call the QGSO on 1800 068 587 to advise that you live overseas.

I live interstate, should I complete the survey?

How can I complete the survey?
QGSO will conduct the survey by Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI). All victims selected for inclusion in the survey will be sent a letter on QGSO letterhead and signed by the Government Statistician advising them that they have been selected to participate.

The letter will explain the nature and purpose of the survey. This letter will provide victims with QGSO's 1800 toll free number so that victims can call QGSO to address any queries they may have. Letters to domestic violence and sex offence cases will not mention the reported offence or the specific date of the incident.
When will the survey be undertaken in 2016?
It is anticipated that pre-approach letters will be sent to participants in early October 2016. Telephone interviewing will be conducted in late October and into November.

How many people are participating in the survey?
The sample will be chosen to achieve a target of 1,800 completed interviews; 40 for each of the three in scope offence types (i.e. domestic violence, property and personal) for each of the 15 QPS districts.