Providing information is the most important way you can help. The information provided can be treated as confidential. Be aware of the dangers and take action.

The Queensland Police Service State Drug Squad is committed to disrupting the production and distribution of dangerous drugs in Queensland.

The State Drug Squad investigates people involved in the production of dangerous drugs, the diversion of precursor chemicals and scientific apparatus from the legitimate to the illegal market, and the targeting of recidivist offenders.

The number of drug laboratories seized in Queensland has steadily increased over the past 20 years. This is due to information provided by concerned members of the community, effective police detection and QPS awareness campaigns such as Project CLAWs.

CLAWS Brochure​

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The Queensland Police Service works closely with other law enforcement agencies to reduce dangerous drugs reaching our streets. Partnerships with government departments and industry stakeholders across Queensland assist us in combating the diversion of precursor chemicals, equipment and drugs.