​​​​The Drug and Alcohol Coordination Unit was established in 1993 to ensure alcohol and other drug related issues relevant to law enforcement were being addressed and coordinated in line with the guidelines and goals of the National Drug Strategy. 

The mission of the Drug and Alcohol Coordination Unit is to enhance the capacity of the Queensland Police Service to participate in the whole of government approach to minimise the harms associated with AOD use.  The unit works closely with other areas of the Queensland Police Service, including the State Drug Investigation Unit, State Traffic Support Branch, Community and Crime Prevention Branch, and regions to ensure police and programs meet the needs of operational police.

What does the Drug and Alcohol Coordination Unit do?

The Drug and Alcohol Coordination Unit performs a number of key functions:
• Provides high-level policy advice on drug and alcohol issues to the Queensland Police Service and State and National governments.
• Maintains effective liaison with other law enforcement bodies, government departments and agencies and non-government organisations involved in the drug and alcohol field.
• Undertakes research into current and emerging alcohol and other drug related issues impacting on law enforcement.
• Represents the Queensland Police Service at various forums relating to alcohol and other drug issues.
• Assists in the development, implementation and delivery of training programs and proactive strategies on alcohol and other drugs, including the development and dissemination of related information and resources.
• Coordinates and supports projects funded under the National and Queensland Drug Strategies. 

Police Drug Diversion Program

The Police Drug Diversion Program (PDDP) is a legislated diversion program that enables police to offer eligible persons, apprehended for a minor drugs offence, with an opportunity to attend and complete a Drug Diversion Assessment Program (DDAP) instead of having to go through the normal court process. 

For more information on the PDDP and what is involved with the DDAP go to the QPS PDDP webpage.

Drink Rite

Drink Rite is a proactive Queensland Police Service program that aims to promote a responsible attitude towards alcohol consumption and drink driving.  Drink Rite events, which can be held in licensed premises or to compliment other local events, involve an interactive standard drinks presentation and participation by a number people, who have the opportunity to consume alcohol and be breath tested by a police officer.

For more information on Drink Rite go to the QPS Drink Rite webpage.

Party Safe

The Queensland Police Service Party Safe initiative provides party hosts, guests and parents with resources and information on holding an enjoyable, safe and lawful party.  It also allows party hosts to register their party with local police.  This gives police the opportunity to supply party hosts with some great advice and resources.  It also ensures that, if things do go wrong on the night, police have the information necessary to effectively deal with issues.

For more information on Party Safe go to the QPS Party Safe webpage, www.police.qld.gov.au/party.

Event Safe

The Queensland Police Service Event Safe initiative provides great information and resources for those organising community fundraising events.  It also allows event organisers to register their fundraising event with local police.  This ensures that police have vital information about the event and better able to respond if issues do arise.
For more information on Event Safe go to the QPS Event Safe webpage, www.police.qld.gov.au/programs/drugs/eventsafe.htm.

Contact details

For further information please contact:

Drug and Alcohol Coordination Unit
200 Roma Street
Email: DACU@police.qld.gov.au