The laws in Queensland give police the power to respond quickly and effectively to alcohol and drug-related violence and antisocial behaviour in and around places where alcohol is being sold and supplied. This includes licensed premises, special areas known as Safe Night Precincts and public events where alcohol is being sold for consumption. 

Under the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000 a police officer can also give you a police banning notice from these places if you have behaved in a disorderly, offensive or violent way. 

What is a police banning notice?

A police banning notice is a notice from a police officer that stops you from entering or remaining in:

  • stated licensed premises
  • a Safe Night Precinct
  • a public event where alcohol is being sold
  • an area which is a reasonable distance to or from any of the above (e.g. 500m from a stated licensed premise or Safe Night Precinct)

The duration of the police banning notice will be for 10 days, or if the notice applies to a particular event, up until that event finishes.

A police officer may also decide to extend a police banning notice by giving you an extended police banning notice which bans you for additional days or time, bans you from additional places and/or extends the duration of the police banning notice to up to three months from the starting time of the initial police banning notice. 

Can police take my photo?

If a police officer is giving you a police banning notice they also have the power to detain you to take your photo. 

Is information on my police banning notice distributed?

Yes. Information about your police banning notice, including your photo, can be distributed by police to prevent you from entering the places stated in the notice. This information (and information on other types of bans) is also linked via approved ID scanners in licensed venues to enhance enforcement. 

What happens if I enter or attempt to enter a place that I have been banned from? 

It is an offence to disobey a police banning notice. This includes attempting to enter a place that you have been banned from in a police banning notice. If the licensed premise is linked through an approved ID scanner police will automatically be notified and a police officer will investigate the offence.  

A police banning notice does not prohibit you from entering your residence, place of employment or place of education. 

Can I apply to have the police banning notice amended or cancelled?

Yes. You may apply to the Commissioner of Police to have a police banning notice amended or cancelled. 

Further information on applying to have a police banning notice amended or cancelled including access to the online application form is available on the Queensland Government, Application to amend or cancel a police banning notice webpage. 

Are there other ways I can be banned? 

You can also be banned from entering or remaining in stated licensed premises, a Safe Night Precinct and/or public event where alcohol is being sold as a condition of your bail, if you are charge with an offence, or by a banning order made by a court. 

Licensees can also ban patrons from their licensed premises to deal with disorderly, offensive or violent behaviour and provide a safe environment in and around their premises. 

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