​The Mental Health Intervention Project (MHIP) is a partnership between the Queensland Police Service (QPS), Queensland Health (QH) and the Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS).

The project aims to prevent and safely resolve mental health crisis situations and to reduce the risk of injury to members of the community and agency staff.

Benefits of the project include:

  • timely, appropriate and accessible mental health responses for people experiencing a mental health crisis
  • safer outcomes for individuals, the public and a safer working environment for QPS and QAS front-line officers
  • improved communication and liaison between partner agencies
  • increased access to a range of services for individuals who are experiencing a mental health crisis and the improved capacity to prevent a crisis.

District Mental Health Intervention Coordinators

District Mental Health Intervention Coordinators from the three agencies work together at district level to find local solutions to local mental health issues.

The coordinators meet regularly to identify issues, discuss complex cases, develop preventative interventions (such as pre-crisis plans) and identify alternative referral pathways and review procedures.

Targeted training for mental health intervention

The MHIP provides training for QPS, QH and QAS employees to enhance skills in de-escalating situations involving people with a mental disorder. 

Information sharing guidelines

Information sharing guidelines have been developed to provide a process for mental health and police personnel to effectively manage crisis situations involving people with a mental illness. 

Further mental health information can be found at:


For more information on the QPS Mental Health Intervention Project please contact the Community Safety and Crime Prevention Branch on telephone 07 3234 2111.