​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Welcome to the Neighbourhood Watch Queensland (NHWQ) website. This website supports NHWQ groups in their efforts to strengthen and connect our communities for a safe and secure Queensland. Please use the links located on the left hand side of the page to find the information and resources you require.

Social Media

Watch this space for exciting developments to be announced shortly.

Want to keep up to date with all things NHW? The NHWQ myPolice blog provides daily NHW information from around the State. 

To view go to  http://nhwq.org/

Recent News

1. In 2012, the State Government announced a commitment to renew the NHWQ program by:

  1. Increasing the number of groups; and
  2. Taking NHW online with a focus on social media.

 The NHWQ State office and regional police have been busily working on furthering the renewal of the program with a number of milestones already achieved. These include the:

  • Launch of the NHWQ State MyPolice blog                                
  • Allocation of State NHWQ budget funds to Queensland Police Service (QPS) regions to assist with the management of the program at a local level
  • Redevelopment of the NHWQ website
  • Completion of program renewal consultation with QPS personnel across the State
  • Establishment of working partnerships withNeighbourhood WatchAustralasia, Policelink and SupportLink
  • Removal of costs to purchase NHW householder kits, house plaques and street signs to assist NHW areas to revitalise their areas

If you have any quires about the renewal of the program please do not hesitate to contact the NHWQ State office at nhwq@police.qld.gov.au /* */

2. The 2013 NHWQ State Conference was held at Ipswich on Satuday 2 November 2013. 

3. As a result of the $500 000 per year government funding to NHWQ,  NHW street signs (large and small), householder kits and house plaques will now be provided free of charge. Previously these items were purchased by local groups except when supplied at the commencement of a new group.

A new NHW Resource Order Form has been uploaded and is available by using the Resources link.

Please use this form from now on and only order what is required for the present time. Do not stockpile items. Should you have any queries regarding the supply of NHW resources please contact your local police NHW coordinator.

4. NHWQ has taken the next step into the digital age with the launch of the myPolice NHWQ blog.  Launched at Bundaberg on 13 December 2012, the NHWQ blog along with an updated NHWQ website will allow greater communication and information sharing between the Queensland Police Service and the NHW community.  To view the blog go to http://nhwq.org/