Police connecting at risk and vulnerable community members to external support service providers is an embedded strategy of QPS frontline operational policing. The QPS has been providing this service for over a decade, firstly with the Coordinated Response to Young People at Risk program (CRYPAR) and then SupportLink.

Now simply known as 'Police Referrals', this strategy enables early and effective interventions in relation to a broad range of issues where referred individuals are connected to external support providers to address social and lifestyle issues impacting on their life, along with formalised support mechanisms for victims of crime.  There are a broad range of underlying issues impacting on the lives of individuals that can significantly increase the likelihood of them either offending or being a victim of crime, e.g. drug and alcohol misuse, mental illness or experiencing domestic violence.  By directing at-risk clients to relevant support providers, there is an opportunity for these issues to be addressed.  Early and effective interventions means at-risk clients are engaged to achieve more sustainable outcomes.

Referral categories relate to nine themes:

  • community support
  • disability services
  • domestic violence
  • family and youth services
  • health and wellbeing
  • homelessness
  • legal
  • seniors
  • victim support.

When community members consent to a Police Referral they will be contacted by a service provider external to the QPS.  This contact will occur within a few business days.  Contact will usually commence with a telephone call or an email.  Assistance will be offered aligned with the needs of the referred individual and the service provider capabilities.  Follow up service provision may include personal contact via telephone or face-to-face, or information provided via email or post.  Information on the nature of services provided is a matter between the referred individual and the service provider, and is not provided to QPS.

Information for Service Providers:

A network of over 300 service providers currently receive police referrals throughout the State. Service providers interested in receiving further information about police referrals may contact the QPS Referral Coordination Service on telephone: 1300058910 or via email: rmcs@redbourne.com.au.