​​​​​​​What is Policelink?

Policelink is the primary contact point for the Queensland Police Service. Policelink was introduced in 2010 as a central contact point across the state, to enhance the ability of the Queensland Police Service to respond in a professional and timely manner. The contact centre is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. By phoning 131 444, you will speak with a Policelink Client Service Officer who can assist to generate a non-urgent property incident report, provide answers to general police enquiries, among other functions.​

You can alternatively contact Policelink online, with online non-urgent property incident reporting for select report types, online general enquiries, supplementary or property updates, registrations, and complaints available. For a full list, see the Online Reporting and Updates page. A Policelink Client Service Officer will take action when receiving these items. Online reporting is available for use when a report number is not required immediately and there is no requirement for immediate police action. 

Policelink enhances the services the Queensland Police can provide to the State by allowing Police Officers more time to perform operational duties, improving front line response times.​

When should you call Policelink?

Anytime you would like to report a non-urgent crime or incident, or for general police enquiries, phone Policelink on 131 444.

An example of non-urgent reports includes: wilful property damage offences, stealing offences, break and enter offences, stolen vehicles and lost property.

Call 000 immediately if the crime is happening now, life threatening or there is a likelihood of the suspected offenders in the area.

What happens when you call 131 444?

When you contact Policelink, a Client Service Officer will answer your call and, where required, will seek clarification/advice from a Police Officer working at Policelink.  The Policelink Client Service Officer will capture your non-urgent report/s and assist with general Police enquiries. Where appropriate, a Client Service Officer may issue you with a report number for insurance purposes or for follow up enquiries. 

If a crime is happening right now, call tripple zero image 

If not think Policelink. Call 131 444 image