​​​​​​The Queensland Police Service has launched a new service for deaf and hearing impaired persons in Queensland to contact QPS Policelink for non-urgent matters.


Deaf and hearing impaired can now send Policelink an SMS text message on 0437 131 444 or e-mail PolicelinkDS@police.qld.gov.au. This service is for non-urgent matters only.

This service has been developed with the assistance of Deaf Services Queensland and was launched September 2012.

Your text message will be received by Policelink and an appropriate response will be arranged.  Policelink may send a message back to gather further information to assist, arrange for a Police Officer to attend, or request that contact be made to Policelink 131 444 via the National Relay Service on telephone.

Urgent matters must still be made through Triple Zero (000).  An urgent matter is when a crime is happening right now, a life is threatened or when the event is time critical, like a fire.  Further information about Triple 000 can be found at www.triplezero.gov.au

Examples of non-urgent matters that you can contact Policelink via SMS are:

a) Returning home and finding graffiti sprayed on your fence

b) Losing your wallet and not being able to find it

c) Returning from shopping and finding your car broken into and property stolen

d) Involved in non-injury traffic accident needing police attendance

QPS Contact Details for Deaf & Hearing Impaired

Below are the contact details for Deaf and Hearing Impaired.

Non-urgent Qld Police SMS:                  0437 131 444

Non-urgent Qld Police voice:                 131 444

Non-urgent Qld Police e-mail:                 policelinkDS@police.qld.gov.au

Emergency Voice:                                 000

Emergency NRS:                                   106

Register your details with QPS

If you are deaf or hearing impaired, and living in Queensland, you may wish to register your details with the QPS.  Doing so may help us to respond to your enquiry more efficiently by already knowing your residential address. Your personal details will be securely stored

Fill in this form to register.

Further information can also be found at the Deaf Services Queensland website www.deafservicesqld.org.au  

Privacy Statement

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