Government Identification Cards 

If you're a government employee and need an identity (ID) card, you must contact your department's nominated officer.

The nominated officer will help you complete the application form and then they will process the application using the Protective Services online ID card system.

Once the completed form has been processed, there are different processes depending on if you are located in the:

  • Brisbane central business district:
    • The nominated officer will give you a barcode request form and details to attend the Protective Services office to have your photo taken and your ID card issued.
    • You need to bring your barcode request form and photo identification (for example, a current drivers licence).
    • General photo sessions are from 9am to 10am, Monday to Thursday.
  • Regions:
    • The nominated officer must verify your photo identification and submit it electronically.
    • You will then receive your ID card in the mail.

More information

For more information about government ID cards please contact us via email at

Protective Services clients can log in to Client Access to manage employee ID cards.