​​Protective Services has provided protective security services to the people and property assets of the Queensland Government for more than 60 years. We protect important government assets including schools, Queensland Cultural Centre, courthouses and government offices across the state.​​

Protective Services is a commercialised business unit of the Queensland Police Service providing protective security services to the Queensland Government on a fee-for-service basis.

We produce government identification cards and provide general government security information including forms and general security information.

We offer a wide range of services and can provide a complete security solution for almost any situation:

  • Static guards
  • Building services coordinators
  • Mobile patrols
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Security consultancy
  • Technical services



Static guards

Protective security officers

We have base level and empowered officers available to protect government premises, people and assets. Protective security officers are sworn staff officers who have the same powers under the criminal code as a security officer in the private sector.

Protective security officer selection and training: Before being appointed, protective security officers undergo an extensive criminal history check as well as training in law, use of force, organisation, operational aspects, workplace health and safety, occupant emergency program, ethical behaviour, public relations and discipline.

Senior protective security officers

Senior protective security officers are sworn staff officers who have, in relation to a state building, all the powers and authorities of a police officer, except the power of arrest. In addition, senior protective security officers are empowered to detain any person who has committed any offence before handing them over to a police officer.

Senior protective security officer selection and training: Before being appointed, senior protective security officers undergo an extensive criminal history check and training which is held at the Queensland Police Service Academy. The course provides training in legislation, evidence, communications, ethics, emergencies, operational tactics and supervision.



​​Building services coordinators​

All building services coordinators are empowered as senior protective security officers and are located in State Government locations across Queensland.

Building services coordinators selection and training: Building Services Coordinators have undergone an extensive criminal history check and the same training course as the senior protective security officers, held at the Queensland Police Service Academy. Building services coordinators are selected from applicants who have a demonstrated knowledge of building management and procedures. Students are required to complete an extensive pre-course study of the Australian Standard 3745-2010, Planning for Emergencies in Facilities. The course provides training in facilities management, security, administration, ​workplace health and safety, occupant emergency program, supervision and communication.​



Mobile patrols

​Our mobile patrols operate outside business hours seven days a week, providing patrols and alarm responses to government locations within the Brisbane, Logan and Moreton Bay regions. Each vehicle is equipped with data and voice communications systems so that patrol officers can keep in contact and report back to the Central Operations Room. We monitor patrols using GPS-tracking.

We also provide patr​ol and alarm response services across the state, using prequalified preferred suppliers from the private sector.

Alarm monitoring

​We provide a high level, 24 hour, seven day a week monitoring service for more than 2,500 electronic security systems across government throughout Queensland. We can monitor security alarms systems, access control, automated alarm monitoring equipment, building management systems, remote video/alarm systems and personal alarm systems. All these systems can report back to the monitoring station byway of standard phone line, GPRS, 3G and IP. In the event of a natural disaster or technical issue we can divert alarm transmission and calls to a backup site.

Technical services

Our Technical Services section provides technical support and advice to our commercial clients for their security solutions on modern protective security strategies. The section also consults with government agencies and government organisations to support the development of effective initiatives to deliver and maintain quality security services within their area. This section also provides some technical support for Protective Services operations.



​Security consultancy​

The primary function of this section is to perform security consultancy services to clients in a commercialised environment for the implementation of contemporary security solutions. The section performs security consultancy services including audits, documentation, purchasing, project management, contract​ management and commissioning work for the provision of electronic security systems, including, but not restricted to, intruder detection, access control, and closed circuit television systems to government client. Also electronic security systems designing work based on the latest technology for government client.

Also the section undertakes facility security audits/investigations taking into account the contemporary security environment and producing high level reports, with recommendations for modern protective security strategies to client.

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More information​

Fo​r more information, contact us on (07) 3051 8000, fax (07) 3051 8099, email PS.Enquiries@police.qld.gov.au or GPO Box 1440, Brisbane Qld 4001.

For monitoring and after hours support (24 hours/seven days) contact us on (07) 3224 6666, fax (07) 3225 8705 or email pscor@police.qld.gov.au.

School Watch reports can be made by phoning 131 788.