​​The legislation governing camera detected offences is based upon ‘owner onus’. That is, the registered owner (corporation/company) of the vehicle concerned is responsible for the offence unless an executive officer of the corporation/company nominates another person in charge or driver of the vehicle within the respective legislative timeframe.

Why is the penalty amount so high?

Infringement Notices issued to registered corporate entities incur a penalty amount five times greater than a penalty enforced on an individual. As speed and red light offences are recognised as life endangering and are a major cause of road accidents, corporate entities are encouraged to nominate the person in charge / driver of the vehicle at the time of offence.

A blank Statutory Declaration​ can be located on the rear of the Infringement Notice for driver nominations. Once the nomination is processed, the penalty associated with the infringement will be reduced.

Information on fines and demerit points for camera detected offences can be found at:

Licence demerit points

Speeding fines and demerit poi​nts​