​​Court Elections

If you are electing for the matter to be heard in court, DO NOT pay the Infringement Notice or submit a statutory declaration.

What if I want to attend court?

DO NOT pay the Infringement. A recipient of an Infringement Notice has 28 days from the issue date of the Infringement Notice to complete the Court Election section on the back of the infringement notice and mail the completed notice to:

Department of Transport and Main Roads
PO Box 673
Fortitude Valley QLD  4006

What are the costs involved if I elect to take the infringement notice to court?

It is recommended that you seek legal advice.

Should you be found guilty of the offence, the Magistrate has the right to increase or decrease the penalty stipulated on the Infringement Notice. The Magistrate may also order the payment of witness / expert witness expenses if applicable in addition to any other Costs of Court.

For further information regarding court costs (including offender levy), it is recommended you contact the Clerk of the Court where the mention / hearing will take place.

Court Process

What is the Court Process?

Once the ‘Election for Court Hearing’ notification has been received, a Summons will be issued to you at the address recorded with the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

The court date stipulated on the Summons is a Mention Date only in which you may enter your plea of ‘not-guilty’. On this date the court will allocate you a future Hearing Date. The Magistrate will hear the evidence and determine the matter on the Hearing Date.

In what court will my hearing take place?

The court location is based on the vicinity of the offence.

The Queensland Police Service is unable to comply with any requests to have a matter heard in a court of personal choice.

I have received a Summons to appear in court, but now I want to pay the Infringement Notice.

Contact the Traffic Camera Office on 1300 360 610 for advice.