​The early release of an impounded or immobilised vehicle process described here relates specifically to chapter 4 (Motor Vehicle Impoundment) of the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000.

The owner or usual driver of the impounded vehicle can apply in writing to the Commissioner of Police for early release if:

  • there is severe hardship – financial or physical
  • the offence happened without the owner's consent
  • the Type 2 offence has been rectified (unlicensed and unregistered only)
  • the grounds for impoundment or immobilisation were unreasonable.

The Commissioner of Police must, if reasonably practicable, make a determination on the early release application within five business days of receiving it. Should the owner or usual driver disagree with the Commissioner’s decision, the decision is appealable to a Magistrates Court.

Submit Application for release of impounded or immobilised vehicle form (you must have a valid and current email address)

If you do not have access to a valid email address you can print the below form, fill in the applicable information and post it to:

Queensland Police Service
GPO Box 1440
Application for release of impounded or immobilsed vehicle printable form​

You can also email to: mviearlyrelease@police.qld.gov.au. All attached documents or images need to be either in a pdf, .doc, jpg, jpeg or png format. There is a limit of 5 documents with the size of each file limited to 1MB. If you upload a document greater than 1 MB it is possible your application will not be received.

If you have any trouble uploading all required documentation to one e-mail, please send a further e-mail with remainder of your documentation to mviearlyrelease@police.qld.gov.au, remembering the file size restrictions above. Include your full name, DOB, address and vehicle registration. 

If you are aggrieved by a decision of the Queensland Police Service regarding your application for the early release of your vehicle from impoundment, you may lodge an appeal with a magistrate.

Further information on this process is available from your local magistrates court or on the Subpoenas and Civil Actions page.