Victim Assist Queensland commenced on December 1, 2009, replacing the old criminal injury compensation schemes.

Through Victim Assist Queensland, victims of crime now have faster and easier access to support services for victims of crime and the financial assistance they need through the Queensland Government's Department of Justice and Attorney-General.

Victim Assist Queensland provides a range of services to victims of crime throughout the State, including financial assistance, information and referrals to support services around Queensland.


  • Victims LinkUp (1300 546 587) is a telephone service and website providing a central point of contact providing information and referrals to services (including counselling) for victims and their families.
  • Victims LinkUp can provide access to existing government and non-government support services in all areas of Queensland that are usually free of charge, including:
    • support for victims of domestic violence
    • support for victims of sexual abuse and sexual assault
    • court support for victims of crime
    • support for victims under 18
    • support for Indigenous victims of crime
    • support for relatives of homicide victims
    • legal support for victims
    • a range of other support services.
  • Interpreters will be available to assist people from non-English speaking backgrounds where necessary.  All Victim Assist staff have received cross-cultural competency training. Call 131 450 to arrange an interpreter service.


  • Under Victim Assist Queensland, financial assistance is available for victims of crime for goods and services that will assist in their physical and psychological recovery from the crime.
  • Victims of crime will no longer need to go through the court system.  A victim is eligible to apply immediately and directly to Victim Assist Queensland for financial assistance if it can be proven that there was an act of violence that resulted in the injury (physical or psychological) or death of a person in Queensland.
  • The act of violence will need to have been reported to a medical practitioner and to the police (in most instances) for the victim to be eligible to apply for financial assistance.

For more information visit Department of Justice and Attorney-General - Victim Assist Queensland.​