​​​​​​​Weapons Licensing (WL) is a work unit within Operations Support Command of the Queensland Police Service.

WL is responsible for administering all aspects of the Weapons Act 1990, Weapons Regulations 2016 and Weapons Categories Regulations 1997.  This includes the issue and renewal of all licences, permits and exemptions, and the maintenance of the Commissioner’s firearms register.

The unit also co-ordinates the Queensland Police Service Firearm Security Inspection and Audit Program which requires the inspection by operational police of the licence holder’s safe storage facilities.

Weapons Licensing is made up of a number of sworn (police officers) and unsworn (administration) members specialising in different areas and is located at 46 Charlotte Street, Brisbane.

A number of WL Police Officers also perform the Authorised Officer function.  Authorised Officers are police officers appointed by the Commissioner to make decisions on the approval, rejection, suspension and revocation of the Weapons Act 1990 licences. Click on the link below for further information

Authorised Officer Function

Firearms Licence Flow Chart