​​Weapons Licensing (WL) is a business unit within Operations Support Command of the Queensland Police Service.

WL is responsible for administering all aspects of the Weapons Act 1990, Weapons Regulations 2016 and Weapons Categories Regulations 1997.  This includes the issue and renewal of all licences, permits and exemptions, and the maintenance of the Commissioner’s firearms register.

Legislation Objective

The overriding objective of the Weapons Act 1990 is to prevent the misuse of weapons. This is achieved through legislation that controls access, possession, usage and storage of weapons.

Many of the objectives of the Weapons Act 1990 were derived from resolutions made at the then Australasian Police Ministers’ Council (APMC) in 1996 following the Port Arthur tragedy.

The objectives are achieved by a licensing scheme based on a range of licence types and weapons categories. An authorised police officer has the authority to issue to a person one or more of a range of licence types. The licence may be endorsed with one or more categories of weapons. Whilst the Regulation provides specific licence conditions, the authorised officer also has the discretion to impose a range of conditions on the licence should there be a need.

The Weapons Regulation 2016 that accompanies the Weapons Act 1990 outlines limitations on the eligibility of persons to be issued with a certain licence and supplements the conditions under which a licence of a particular type will be issued. Weapon categories are fully defined in the Weapons Categories Regulation 1997.

Weapons Licensing responsibilities

WL is responsible for:

  • providing licensing and permit services direct to members of the public and regulates businesses involved in the use of firearms
  • providing support, training and advice to internal operational units of the Queensland Police Service and external clients on weapons control matters; and
  • co-ordinating the Queensland Police Service Firearm Security Inspection and Audit Program which requires the inspection by operational police of the licence holder’s safe storage facilities

Weapons Licensing is made up of a number of sworn (police officers) and unsworn (administration) members specialising in different areas and is located at 46 Charlotte Street, Brisbane, QLD 4000.

If you are in doubt about how the laws apply to you, please contact Weapons Licensing only after you have explored this website.