​To enhance client services throughout Queensland Weapons Licensing has obtained approval from the Commissioner of Police, Queensland Police Service, to implement the provisions of section 20(2) of the Weapons Act 1990.

What does this mean and when does it commence?

Over the next five years all licences (excluding 1 year limited licences and licences issued to an organisation or a body) will be extended to have the expiry date coincide with the licensee’s next birthday.

Selected existing licences expiring on or after 1 October 2008 will be issued with a written notice, on secure, watermarked paper, advising that their licence has been extended to coincide with their next birthday.

*Please note:  It is a condition of the Commissioner’s approval that the written notice, must be held with the licence card until the licence is later renewed or replaced.  Both the notice and the licence card now form the licence for the purposes of licence production to a police office or a firearms dealer under the Weapons Act 1990 and other legislation requirements (i.e. Explosives Act 1999).

A Licence is due to expire 11/11/08 and the licensee’s birthday is 11/03.  Written notice has been sent to licensee extending the licence until 11/03/09, on which date the licence now expires and will be subject to the new renewal date.  Once the expiry date on the licence is reached the written notice identifies the new expiry date for that licence.

A sample of a Weapons Act 1990 licence card and written notice issued under Section 20(2) of the Weapons Act 1990 are shown below.

Weapons Act Notice Example Weapons Licence

New Form 1:

The Form 1 - Application for a Licence has been revised. This new format will assist applicants in ensuring that all necessary supporting documentation and information is received by Weapons Licensing in order to make a determination on an application. The most significant changes are:

  • An Application for a Licence Guide is included with the Form 1. This guide provides information to applicants in relation to applying for a licence, storage requirements for weapons and a description of weapon categories.
  • The introduction of Annexures relevant to each genuine reason for possessing weapons. Section 10 of the Form 1 outlines the genuine reasons for possession of a weapon and the Annexure appropriate to each genuine reason. Each Annexure outlines the required information/supporting documentation required for each genuine reason. Applicants are required to select their genuine reason, and complete and attach the annexure relevant to their genuine reason to their Form 1; and
  • The inclusion of a QP415 - Firearms List with the Form 1 which is to be completed by applicants who are already in possession of weapons. This may include applicants with weapons previously registered overseas or interstate.