​​Requirements for Category H handguns – Pistol Club

There are restrictions for Category H acquisitions for Sports or Target shooters.

Supporting documentation with a PTA application

If you are making application for a PTA for a category H weapon and your need to possess the weapon is for Sports or target shooting, you must supply a club approval letter with the application containing the following information:

  1. Your name and address
  2. The type of weapon which you are applying for (this must include calibre, action, barrel length* and description of the firearm)
  3. The number and expiry date of the licence relied on to acquire the weapon; and,
  4. The name of the approved shooting club and shooting club representative of which you are a member.

         * Barrel Length is not required for Black Powder pistols

The club letter must include 'the type of firearm applied for with a Barrel length as >than 100mm or > 120mm is permitted for use' is sufficient information.

The club approval letter must be a certificate stating that you are a current member of your club and that you need the weapon to engage in shooting activities at the club or shooting activities affiliated with the club. The shooting club representative must be a member of the governing body and sign the club approval.

Progressive access to firearms

A person who is the holder of a Concealable Firearms Licence for the purpose of Sports or Target shooting is permitted to acquire a maximum of two (2) firearms during the first year after the issue of a licence.

The following limitations will apply:

  • 1 air pistol/; and
  • 1 of the following:
    • a rim-fire pistol
    • a centre-fire pistol; or
    • a black-powder pistol.

These limitations do not apply to:

  • A person who:
    • currently holds a firearms licence from another State or Territory
    • has complied with the participation conditions of that State ('relevant authority'); and
    • has held the relevant authority for a least 12 months; or
  • A person who:
    • is authorised under the law of another country to possess a Category H weapon for sports or target shooting; and
    • in the previous two-year period consistently participated in nationally or internationally recognised competitions.

Examples of internationally recognised shooting competitions include the type used in the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games or Metallic silhouette world championship.    

Restrictions on types of handguns

A holder of a Concealable Firearms Licence, who is a member of an approved shooting club, must not use a weapon that:

  • has a calibre greater than .38 inch (except for black-powder pistols) unless they have applied for and been approved to use 'high calibre weapons'
  • is semi automatic and has a barrel length of less than 120mm unless it has an overall length of at least 250mm measured parallel to the barrel
  • is not semi automatic (e.g. revolvers and single shot pistols) and has a barrel length of less than 100 mm unless it has an overall length of at least 250 mm measured parallel to the barrel
  • has a capacity of more than 10 rounds; and
  • is designed to be used without a magazine that has a maximum capacity of more than 10 rounds.

More information on how to measure the barrel length of a Category H weapon.

Calibre limitations do not apply to Category H weapons that are black-powder pistols.

A black-powder pistol is a firearm that:

  • is less than 75 cm in length
  • is either a muzzle loading firearm or a cap and ball firearm; and 
  • does not accept cartridge ammunition.​