​​​​​​Weapons Licensing implemented a policy in 2013 in relation to the transfer of firearms from a deceased estate.  This policy allows for weapons to be transferred without the need for a permit to acquire if the licence holder acquiring the weapon is the beneficiary of the estate. 

Where the licence holder is not the beneficiary of the estate, they are required to make application for a permit to acquire for the weapon/s.  In both scenarios the licence holder is required to provide the following documentation:

  • A full copy of the will;
  • Copy of the death certificate;
  • Completed Weapons Licensing Indemnity Receipt;
  • Letter signed by the beneficiary (or all beneficiaries, if more than one (1) in the will) containing
    • Request to transfer the weapon/s to their licence or the acquirers licence;
    • Licence details;
    • Details of genuine reason for possessing each and every firearm that they wish to acquire.
    • Details of the whereabouts of the weapon/s (weapons are not to be held in safekeeping with an acquirer) pending approval to acquire under this policy or via permit to acquire.

Please contact Weapons Licensing for any further information.