​​​​​​​Disposing of weapons permanently (within Queensland)

If you do not wish to retain possession of a weapon you may choose to dispose of them by one of the following means:

  • Relinquish your weapon at a Queensland police station
  • Sell your weapon to a dealer
  • Dispose of your weapon to a licensed dealer for consignment sale on your behalf; or
  • Sell it to someone who is a holder of an issued Permit to Acquire for the weapon in question. 

A Permit to Acquire is required for each weapon being acquired.  You must view an issued Permit to Acquire prior to disposing of the weapon to the acquirer.

Disposing of weapons temporarily

If you need someone else to take possession of your weapon temporarily (eg. your licence has expired and you need to apply for a new one) you can temporarily dispose of them by placing them in safekeepingwith another licensed person who is licensed for the same categories. 

Weapons Licensing must be advised in writing of any weapons being safekept by a licence holder. 

Disposal of weapons interstate

If you have disposed of your weapon to an interstate licence holder you will need to provide written advice to Weapons Licensing stating:

  • The name of person to whom the weapon was disposed
  • The address of person to whom the weapon was disposed
  • The Weapons Licence number of person to whom the weapon was disposed; and
  • The date of disposal.

If you wish to dispose of your weapon interstate contact the relevant interstate firearms registry and refer to how to correctly dispatch weapons to ensure compliance in both states. 

Transferring weapons overseas

If you wish to export your firearms you will need to contact both the Australian Customs Service and the Department of Defence

Destroying weapons

You cannot destroy a weapon you may only dispose of them.

If your weapon has been damaged beyond repair or you do not wish to have the firearm repaired or you wish to damage the weapon to prevent any further use it must be surrendered to either a Queensland police station or a licensed Queensland Dealer for destruction.

Separate procedures are in place for the destruction of weapons by licensed Weapons Dealers.